UWRF’s Humane Handling Institute was formed with support from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection’s Meat Talent Development Program.
Certification through the program will help to improve and strengthen the skill level of key meat industry employees, address key regulatory issues in meat processing establishments, and strengthen consumer trust in meat processing establishments of all sizes.
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Workshop 3: Effective and Humane Restraint and Stunning Trainees will complete hands-on activities related to common animal handling challenges, humane restraint, head anatomy, identifying the optimal placement of a stun, stunning equipment maintenance and more.

Workshop 5: Building a Robust Systematic Approach to Animal Welfare Trainees will identify any areas in their facility that have potential for animal excitement, discomfort, or accidental injury and then create a written humane handling program to comply with humane slaughter regulations, proactively mitigate risk, and promote animal welfare. Trainees will leave this workshop with a complete collection of documents and training
materials specific to their slaughter establishment.

Most establishments in Wisconsin qualify for free tuition through a grant from the Wisconsin Meat Talent Development Program. Participants from establishments located outside the state of Wisconsin or those not eligible for free tuition are still welcome to attend.

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