Wisconsin Harvest & Fabrication School
The University of Wisconsin-Madison Meat Science & Animal Biologics Discovery program is happy to announce our first ever Wisconsin Harvest & Fabrication School!

The Wisconsin Harvest & Fabrication School will be held November 14-16, 2023, and 30 registration spots are now available HERE

About the Wisconsin Harvest & Fabrication School

This school (short course) takes a higher-level comprehensive approach to understanding animal harvest and fabrication of amenable species (e.g., beef, pork, lamb, poultry). Instructors will teach the principles, science, regulations, and food safety of animal harvest and fabrication at a basic and applied level. The information will be aimed at operators who have little to moderate amounts of animal harvest and fabrication experience. However, processors from every experience level can benefit from attending this program. Multiple harvest and fabrication demonstrations and hands-on group exercises will be held in the state-of-the-art Meat Science & Animal Biologics Discovery building to facilitate a stronger understanding of classroom discussions. Upon completing this short course, participants can continue their learning by enrolling in additional programs designed to provide extensive, hands-on training for beef, pork, lamb, and poultry harvest and fabrication. Enrollment in this short course is limited to 30; therefore, there will be ample opportunity for a more individualized experience throughout the demonstrations and group activities.

Topics Covered (not inclusive)

·    Humane handling programs

·    Live animal handling

·    Pre- and post- mortem inspection

·    Multi-species harvest demonstrations

·    Microbial sampling programs

·    Technology and equipment

·    Antimicrobial interventions

·     HACCP Plans and Food Safety

·    Meat Quality

·    Hands-on pork carcass fabrication activity

·    Chilling systems

·    Inspections and regulations

·    By-products and variety meats

·    Maximizing productivity and yields

·    Beef, lamb, and poultry fabrication demonstrations

·    Proper stunning methods

·    Animal Biologics

·    OSHA and Employee Safety

The registration fee for the Wisconsin Harvest and Fabrication School is $750.00 per person. Registration will close October 26th, 2023. After October 26th, 2023, the fee will be $800.00. The fee includes course materials & handouts, breaks & lunches, refreshments, a Tuesday evening reception, a Wednesday evening dinner, and local transportation between the DoubleTree hotel and the MSABD building. Lodging, parking, and other meals are not included.

If you have questions regarding registration or otherwise, please contact Colleen Crummy at [email protected] or Heather Hunt at [email protected]

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