2023 WAMP Scholarships

2023 WAMP Scholarship Application
Deadline: March 1, 2023
ELIGIBILITY & PURPOSE: To promote, through scholarship, the post-secondary education of students whose parents/guardians, grandparents or themselves are employees of lants who are members of the Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors. Previous recipients of a scholarship will not be eligible, but previous applicants are welcome to reapply.
CRITERIA: Selection of recipient will be based upon the student’s scholarship ability, leadership and community service.
SELECTION: Applications must be mailed by March 1, 2023, to the WAMP office and will be forwarded to an independent scholarship committee who will select the top applicants as recipients.
AMOUNT: One – $2000 scholarship and four – $2500 will be awarded this year. The scholarship payment will be made upon proof of enrollment, tuition payment receipt, and completion of one semester of post-secondary education. If a recipient is already in college and has completed at least one semester and enrolled for a second semester, they are eligible for the scholarship payment right away.
Initial qualifying criteria includes:
Student must intend on continuing their education following high school graduation at an accredited college, technical college, business college, nursing school or junior college.
Attach a resume.
Attach transcripts of their classes taken in high school or college.
Attach two letters of recommendation.
Recipients have to be present at the Annual Conference Banquet, or have a plant representative present to receive this award.
If the following criteria are not included in your resume, you must address them on a separate sheet of paper to be eligible for the Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors Scholarship.
List the school you are attending or plan to attend.
Briefly explain your career objectives or goals.
1. List and discuss all school and community leadership positions and years of participation.
2. List and discuss all extra curricular activities and the number of years of participation.
3. List and discuss all honors and awards.
4. List and discuss all work experiences.
5. Explain what you feel is the importance of post-secondary education in the your chosen field.
6. Explain how you feel the Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors is important to the meat industry.
Please include a cover page to include: Applicant’s first, middle, and last name with date of birth, applicant’s permanent address and phone number, father’s full name and occupation, mother’s full name and occupation, WAMP plant sponsor name and address, signature of applicant, signature of parent/guardian, WAMP plant owner signature.
No applications postmarked after March 1, 2023, will be considered.
Send completed applications to:
Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors
PO Box 25
Pearl City, IL 61062
(608) 636-0639

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