“Technology & Automation Working for You-Part 2” Seminar Planned for 2024 WAMP Convention

A Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors pre-convention workshop will once again be offered and is planned to take place at the University of Wisconsin Meat Science & Animal Biologics Discovery building on Thursday, April 11. This workshop is a great opportunity to gain new knowledge about meat processing, honing your present skills, and networking with fellow meat processors. This year’s workshop topic is “part 2” of the technology and automation in meat processing that occurred in 2023 with more new technology, ideas, and learning. We will learn from a group of experts about what types of technology exist in different facets of your operation, how these technologies can offer some level of automation, and how to successfully incorporate technology into your existing operations. A team of academic and industry experts will discuss, highlight, and demonstrate an array of technologies that can lead to improved efficiencies while improving through out and product quality. A blend of classroom presentations (am) and hands-on demonstrations (pm) will provide and full-encompassing learning experience. As usual, plenty of opportunity and time for questions and dialogue will exist. If you are in need of improving your operational efficiencies, are looking to increase your throughput, or are interested in improving product quality and consistency….this is must must-attend workshop for you. As with past workshops, interaction is highly encouraged so this would be a great opportunity to learn from and with presenters and attendees.

Following the same format as in the past, the WAMP pre-convention workshop will be held at the University of Wisconsin MSABD building on Thursday, April 11 from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm with transportation (bus) provided from the Marriot hotel. Additional educational sessions will occur at the Marriot hotel on Friday morning, April 12 and Saturday afternoon, April 13. Anyone with questions or concerns should contact Jeff Sindelar ([email protected]; 608-262-0555) to discuss. All schedules are not finalized and are subject to change as necessary.

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