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Lake Shore Drive, Wisconsin, United States
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Old Fashioned Taste that brings back Good Memories

Geiss Meat Service has been in business for over 66 years. Going into the 3rd generation, we are extremely proud of our history and achievements. It could never have been accomplished without our family, staff, and you the customer. We invite you to try our history of quality and service. We thrive in creating new things and taking on new ventures that you the customer requests. Over the many years our location has remained the same, but our building and equipment are improving and expanding every day. Since 2007 Geiss Meat has received several awards for variety of smoked and cured products. All of our products are available in our full retail store. They can also be found at a few of our local businesses or can be shipped to you. Call or visit us today!


Andy Geiss – 715-536-5283

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