Are you interested in bacon, brats, prime rib, food safety and pharmaceutical products? Contributing to development of "new approaches" and "forward thinking" teaching, research, and Extension programs of our land grant university?

The state-of-the-art Meat Science & Animal Biologics Discovery (MSABD) building will be completed in 2019. The program manager's role is oversight of activities occurring in the USDA-inspected space and support of activities occurring in the Biosafety Level 2 facility. S/he will manage the existing Meat Science Lab program, transition to the MSABD and oversee the evolution of the program into the MSABD's 21st century facility.

The Animal Sciences Department's missions are research, instruction and extension. The MSABD building is designed to support these missions with programmatic themes focusing on 1) Minimal and further processed meat and poultry products resulting from the complete chain of events from live animal (cattle, poultry, sheep, and swine) to product, 2) Retail meat sales to foster consumer education and revenue generation, and 3) Animal-derived biologics targeted to both animal agriculture and human health. The program manager will report to the Director of MSABD and be responsible for activities related to the first two themes and tissue collection activities to support the third theme. This is an opportunity to be involved in a vibrant muscle foods program at Wisconsin, which has a long and rich history of collaboration with the national meat industry.

Operational procedures must comply with regulations imposed by the USDA-Food Safety and Inspection Service, CALS Animal Care and Use Committee, and campus security (Police, Fire and Biosafety) so be ready to learn and apply the rules and regulations. Undergraduate students will be the principal labor force in MSABD so the desire and skills to attract, train, mentor, and enthuse students in the work of the meat industry is important to the MSABD program.

The UW-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences is committed to maintaining and growing a culture that embraces diversity, inclusion, and equity, believing that these values are foundational elements of our excellence and fundamental components of a positive and enriching learning and working environment for all students, faculty, and staff.

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