The Animal & Dairy Sciences department is seeking a visionary leader for the rejuvenated Meat Science & Animal Biologics Discovery (MSABD) program. MSABD is benefiting from a new, state-of-the-art $53 million investment in a next-generation facility for research, teaching, and outreach related to meat science, food safety, and value-added molecules or materials derived from animal co-products. The successful candidate will have broad knowledge of the meats industry, established professional networks, and demonstrated leadership. More specifically, this individual must have an aptitude for entrepreneurship, as well as skill in managing the personnel and finances of MSABD.

Please note there are two positions released simultaneously but only one directorship position exists. Having two position vacancy listings allows the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences to consider qualified candidates from academia and industry.

For the academia track, the successful candidate will contribute effectively to departmental teaching at the undergraduate and/or graduate levels, as appropriate. In addition, the candidate will develop, or build upon, a nationally and internationally recognized and extramurally funded research program in meat science, food safety, animal biologics, or a related discipline.

For the Industry track, the successful candidate should have a demonstrated awareness of cutting-edge research opportunities in meat science, food safety, and animal biologics, and the ability to foster scientific
advancements in these areas by researchers in MSABD, the Department of Animal & Dairy Sciences,
CALS, and UW-Madison


Apply online at "Jobs at UW" (, under Job #100121 (industry) or #100122 (academic) as it pertains to the applicant’s experience.

Applicant with Academic background:
Applicant with Industry experience:


Rochelle Ripp Schnadt

Senior Marketing Specialist

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Meat Science & Animal Biologics Discovery

1805 Linden Drive

Madison, WI  53706

(608) 262-1606