Dear Industry Partners and Friends,

Attached is an auction flyer that has details and photographs about our surplus meat equipment that we have authorization to sell through UW’s SWAP (Surplus with a Purpose) auction program. We hope that you will have interest in many of these items and when the auction goes live, October 26th, that you will participate which will help our program generate some funds that we can reinvest in equipment or other program support for our new Meat Science & Animal Biologics Discovery building.

Click Here to View Flyer

In advance, for those not familiar with SWAP, you can access it at:

We will be providing the opportunity to view this equipment on-campus by appointment (October 8-25). Joan Parrish, as listed in the flyer, will be your contact person.   

We would be grateful if you would also share this note with others you think might be interested in this surplus equipment.

Kind regards,

Jeff Sindelar                                                            Jim Claus

Professor & Extension Meat Specialist                    Professor

Meat Science & Animal Biologics Discovery           Meat Science & Animal Biologics Discovery

Department of Animal & Dairy Sciences                 Department of Animal & Dairy Sciences