1. Each year the Wisconsin State Fair Meats Contest is conducted in association with

the Wisconsin State Fair. This is the 26th year the competitive meat product show will be held.

Over the past 25 years, a total of approximately 2,500 products have been entered, producing more than 250 product show winners, and the auctioning of the winning products during the fair has raised approximately $1,000,000 for the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation. This money is put to good use by supporting statewide 4-H programs in helping develop the future of Wisconsin.

This year, the judging will take place on June 22 at the Wisconsin State Fair Park. Just as in the past few years, to cut down on entry and shipping costs, we have decreased the quantity of product you must enter. Eight different classes will be available to enter product in and we encourage you to enter product in all of them.

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